Thursday, July 23, 2009

Workout Walk in the Marina

Excerpt by David Peevers on behalf of MDRCVB

Marina Beach, also known as Mother's Beach, is a lovely sand crescent of about 250 meters where the protected, shallow waters are absolutely warm and tranquil. Let's explore a real marina and work up a sweat!

Head left from Marina Beach along the paved biking and walking path. In just two minutes you'll turn right on Palawan Way and enter the world of ships. First up is a beached fleet of enormous outrigger racing canoes ( and as you continue along Palawan, you're on the designated Waterfront Walk. Soon you'll be surrounded by the forest of masts and rigging of the wind-jammers who ply the waters of California - and beyond.

After about 400 meters - passing a fleet of enormous power yachts - you'll come to the exclusive Del Rey Yacht Club. You continue on toward the left and head for the really huge, gleaming vessels of the FantaSea Yacht Club. Congratulations! You've just circumnambulated the entire Palawan Way jetty that symbolizes California's reverential history with the sea.

Now turn right and head towards the large white building with the bell tower and continue on Waterfront Walk past yet another armada of the fleet. After a good half mile you come to the end of the Walkway. You can turn left her on Admiralty Way to enter the home stretch or go right to prolong your hike through the pleasing greenery of Admiralty Park. Take a beverage break or continue and cross over Admiralty and head left along the narrow strip of greenery here. This is where you can take a stab at the Parcourse Fitness Circuit where signs challenge you to perform a series of intricate exercises over the next few hundred meters.

After your workout (like you needed it?) you'll pick up the adjoining waling and biking path and head for home. You'll soon be walking beneath a canopy of old pines and past nesting egreats who make their home here in a narrow lagoon. You'll then walk the last third of a kilometer along Washington Blvd. And then finally, you'll walk left on Via Marina and arrive sae and sound back at Mothers Beach. And we're willing to bet that the idea of a quick dip in the ocean never looked quite so good...