Wednesday, July 27, 2011

On the Water: Kayak Attack

This summer, think of the Marina as a tall glass of water. Simple and refreshing, it’s the best way to cool down when temperatures climb above 75F. There are dozens of water activities – from paddle-boarding to sailing – to partake in, but lately we’re partial to kayaking.

Like a romantic gondola’s slick cousin, the kayak is a great way to travel around the Marina, see the sights and sunset, and get a work-out all at the same time. Why slave away in a stuffy indoor gym when you can take a personal breezy boat ride on the Marina?

While kayaking has a reputation as being a fast water sport, on the Marina, it’s a relaxing way to while away an afternoon. Go with a partner and take turns taking in the sites and paddling. Bring a waterproof camera to capture the views digitally too!

Kayaking is great for groups too. Recently, we talked to newlywed and local resident Otto Rose and owner Russ Carrington of Action Watersports about the kayaking bachelor party they hosted last summer.

What gave you the idea to host a kayaking bachelor party? It was actually Russ's idea. I live in C basin and the idea made sense...not much driving, very low cost, giving local businesses our business.

What bars/restaurants did you stop at? Which were your favorites and why? We stopped at Chart House, Del Rey YachtClub, and finished at the California Yacht Club (CYC)...the first two were good. Classy and good food.

What is the craziest thing that happened during the party? We met God...some guy at the DRYC gave me a biz card that introduced himself as GOD. He was a bit weird but made things interesting.

Any plans to try a new water sport like say, paddle boarding? No plans, I am pretty active with most water new wife wants to surf though.

What three words would best describe your experience? Camaraderie, tranquillo, healthy.

Would you recommend an Action Water Sports adventure to other grooms-to-be? Absolutely, everyday, all day.

Rent kayaks right in the Marina at these convenient businesses:

4144 Lincoln Boulevard, Marina del Rey
(310) 827-2233

13719 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey
(located at Fisherman's Village)
(310) 574-2822

Friday, July 15, 2011

53 Incredible Things To Do in Marina del Rey

Spend the next 53 hours with us in Marina del Rey! Avoid the 405 freeway closure and other highways; instead, run, walk, bus or bike in Marina del Rey!

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