Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hit Me with Your Best Shot FAQ

What the heck is a digital photo hunt?
Adventure and cyber space team up to take you on a ride through the Marina. All you have to do us hunt, shoot and send us your photos for your chance to win awesome prizes that are right up your alley! Marina Del Rey’s digital photo hunt has been designed to get you up-close and personal to some of Marina Del Rey’s most precious treasures. From an elevator that transports its passengers back in time to shots of the iconic lighthouse in Fisherman’s Village, there’s something special for everyone!

Don’t I need to be a professional to play?
No! Our digital photo hunt is open to everybody—our goal is to see everybody’s perspective on the Marina. The only requirement is that you have fun with each mission. All winners will be randomly selected, so there is no emphasis on photo quality in selection of our winners. Now get out there, hunt, point and shoot!

I want to play! How do I enter?
Good question! Do you have a Facebook? If not, you’ll need one because all entrants must first “Fan” Marina del Rey. And if you love the Marina, you’ll love being our Facebook friend- we’ll keep you in-the-know for everything MDR! Now, find “Marina Del Rey” and RSVP to our event “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” then click on the link to register, or you can register directly here!

I registered, now what?
Want to do a fun activity with the family? Getting married soon? Love food? I know it’s hard but you can only pick one. What’s it gonna be? Foodie, family or wedding? Each category consists of different missions, and so do the prizes. Download your missions from the links below, point and shoot.
For Foodie Missions, get your clues here!
For Family Missions, get your clues here!
For Wedding Missions, get your clues here!

How do I submit my photos?
Submit those million dollar photos to us one of three ways.
  1. E-mail them to
  2. Submit them via Twitter at Simply attach your photo to an @reply to us @marinadelrey_ca.
  3. Submit them via Facebook by uploading your photos and tagging them to the Marina Del Rey Facebook page.

I completed all my missions first, I win! Right?
Wrong! We want to give all participants a chance to win. Just make sure you have your photos submitted by 12:00AM PST on Wednesday, October 27th, 2010. Then we’ll randomly pull our winners and announce them on Wednesday, November 10th. For more information on rules and regulations, click here.

There are ten missions and I only completed eight, am I still eligible to win?
Don’t worry; we would never let your hard work go unnoticed! The more you complete, the more you win. View complete prize list here. Here’s the deal:

• Complete ten activities and submit ten photos and we’ll enter you in the “Captain” Grand Prize Drawing. We’ll randomly select one winner for each category.

• Complete seven activities and submit seven photos and we’ll enter you in the “First Mate” First Prize Drawing. We’ll randomly select one winner for each category.

• Complete five activities and submit five photos and we’ll enter you in the “Deckhand” Second Prize Drawing. We’ll randomly select one winner for each category.

I think I’m ready to go! Anything else?
Yes! Have fun! We want to share with you the Marina’s hidden treasures. Take time to enjoy the scenery or even grab a bite to eat. We picked these missions out because we love them and we hope you will too!