Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 2010: Marina del Rey Featured Local

We are introducing a new blog series: Marina del Rey’s Featured Local.

Each month we will feature a Marina del Rey local to give you a peek into the Marina’s many diverse, unique and oftentimes quirky personalities. We hope to cover everyone from sea-faring captains and seasoned executive chefs to your everyday Joes and Janes who live, work and play in Marina del Rey and the surrounding areas. If you have someone you would like us to consider featuring here, please drop us a note! Of course, let us know if the blog post gives you warm fuzzies about the people in this community…we know some of these folks and think you should get to know them, too!

Name: Tony “Tony P” Palermo

Occupation: Owner of Tony P’s Dockside Grill Restaurant

Years in the restaurant biz:
More than 25 years and counting

If I could introduce Martians to Earthling food…I would feed them: Slow-roasted, Southern-style pork “ossobuco”

If the Martians wanted to try a drink, I would serve up: Chimay Grande Reserve Beer (Blue) - HEAVEN! (Can you tell, I love beer!)

When I’m not enjoying a brewskie, you can find me:
Riding bikes with my daughters (17 and 18 years old).

If I run into you in the Marina and you look like a tourist…I would tell you to: Take time to look up and see the Marina. Best thing is to enjoy the early morning hours while everything’s still calm. (And ride your bike ON the bike path, be safe!).

We’re putting a bucket list together of Marina del Rey Must-Do’s…got any suggestions?
Spend a day on a fishing boat—and enjoy it, especially during sunset in the summer.

We heard Tony P’s makes most of their food from scratch. Is that true?
Yes, we do! All of our breads, hamburger buns and even tortilla chips are made fresh in our kitchen.

What’s up with the beer pairing series? Do locals actually go?
Our quarterly “Beers to Try Before You Die” dinners are very popular, especially with the locals. Our next beer dinner will feature five Stone Brewery Beers with a 5-Course BBQ Meal, and will be hosted on August 11th.

Word on the street is that Tony P’s owns the last keg of Stone Brewery’s 14th Anniversary Beer. Can you confirm this?
That’s right. And the brew master is coming out on August 11th during the beer dinner to explain the beers, too.

Back to you…we read your bio and you and your business partner, Danny Ringwood, seem to be very active in the community. Everything from fundraisers for local schools and organizations to awards from the Boys and Girls Club, California Restaurant Association…the list goes on and on.
We have always been dedicated to serving our community in addition to serving great food. It’s just who we are.

What else are you passionate about, in addition to giving back to the community?
Being a dad.

Well, who wouldn’t love this guy? Tony is quite a gem and you can meet him one of these days when you are in the Marina. Stop by Tony P’s located at 4445 Admiralty Way, Tel: (310) 823-4534. Here’s a little tip: They even take Call-Ahead seating (you can call while on the way to the restaurant and have your name placed on the waiting list…that way, your wait time is reduced!).

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